Frequently asked questions

Does AVEX also deliver to consumers?

AVEX does not deliver to consumers. Our products, solutions and services are intended for the Business to Business (B2B) market. The range is composed in such a way that they are suitable for professional and intensive use. Because we focus on the B2B market, prices are exclusive of VAT.

Which assortment can I find in the AVEX shop?

In addition to a range of audiovisual products with accessories, you will find our BRIX solutions and GPA Velocity Room solutions in the AVEX Webshop.


BRIX Solutions from AVEX are many selected basic solutions, which have proven themselves effectively with our clients. You can think of mobile presentation systems or the design of a meeting room with a large format display or projection. In combination with an operating system to control the audiovisual equipment. Possibly expanded with the possibility for wireless presentation. Our BRIX Solutions are composite solutions with which we have a lot of experience. In terms of range (a selection of premium brands), installation and effectiveness in use. So for you within reach and as “standard” building blocks quickly applicable for your organization.

Our Velocity Room solutions are based on the broad Global Delivery Methodology of the GPA. AVEX is responsible for the GPA business units in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. The various Velocity Room solutions are characterized by the standardization and the speed with which they can be installed at your location and in a location elsewhere in the world.

The prices listed at the various Velocity Rooms are unique, whereby your budget is no longer a technical surprise.


I have a more complex challenge in the field of audiovisual solutions, can you help me further?

Yes, we are happy to think along with you. We are happy to make an appointment with you for a personal meeting. By telephone, via a video conference, at your location or in our showroom.


Is it possible to provide a demo of a product or solution?

Depending on the product or solution, we can provide an extensive demo. We are happy to give the demo in our showroom. For some products it is also possible to provide a demo at your location.


Do you also take care of the installation of your solutions?

At AVEX we have a team of audiovisual technicians who are highly skilled in installing and integrating audiovisual & IT equipment. The AVEX team has around 3500 projects varying in size on an annual basis.

Is it possible to take the ordered equipment with you right away?

At AVEX, we unfortunately do not have stock, except for a certain range of products. We will gladly inform you if the product is in stock and make an appointment.


Can my colleague within our organization also receive a separate login for the AVEX webshop?

Yes, that is possible if your colleague is also authorized to place an order. You can request a separate login from your contact person within AVEX. This requires the name, position, direct telephone number and e-mail address of your colleague. In most cases we can arrange a login for you within 24 hours.


What payment options are there within the AVEX webshop?

The webshop only has a payment option “on account” because the webshop only offers access for a select number of customers.  It is important that a PO number is specified for every order for invoicing. Unfortunately, processing the order is not possible without mentioning a PO number.

At what times can I go to AVEX for questions?

AVEX can be reached on workdays from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Please contact us by phone:

NL/ BE (+31) (0)346 – 259 259 or UK +44 (0) 2039152266 or via email


Does AVEX also have a service for defective equipment?

AVEX only works with reliable A-brand partners who are all known for the high quality of their portfolio. Upon delivery or during use, it is possible that a product does not function unexpectedly, it is ultimately technology.

That it does not work is of course unfortunate and to resolve this inconvenience as soon as possible, please contact our colleagues from the Technical Service department:

The product I am looking for is not in the AVEX shop? Is it possible to order it?

The AVEX webshop consists of a carefully selected range of products and solutions. Especially with our range of individual products, we only mention popular products that we sell frequently. With our offered range we therefore try to be up-to-date.


Can I also find the assortment of specially made products for our organization in the AVEX webshop?

If a special product or solution has been developed for your organization, it will certainly be offered in the AVEX webshop. This range is only visible to users of the webshop within your organization. Is the “special” product not listed? Contact your contact person within AVEX.

I have lost my login name and code, how can I request this?

On the login page you will find the link where you can leave your email address. You will receive an automatically generated e-mail within a few minutes with a link on how you can reset your login code.

If this does not work, you can contact your contact person at AVEX or mail:

I have placed an order but it is unfortunately incorrect?

It is best to contact our colleagues from the sales department directly: NL/ BE (+31) (0)346 – 259 259 or UK +44 (0) 2039152266 or via email

How do I change my company details in my account?

The data in your account can be modified by your contact person. We request that you send this information to your contact person.

I am leaving the organization, can you deactivate my account?

If you are going to leave the organization or you are going to play a different role within your organization where you are not authorized to purchase, we will deactivate your login account. You can report it to your contact person at AVEX.

I have a tip or comment about your webshop

We are always open to positive improvements with regard to the AVEX shop. We would like to receive your feedback via e-mail: