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Room Upgrade Set Logitech MeetUp + Swytch

Video conferencing with even more convenience

A complete set for upgrading your existing meeting room or huddle room to a video conference room.

The Logitech MeetUp video bar contains not only a 4K camera but also a speaker for room-filling sound. The microphone in the camera picks up only the sound of the speaker and completely removes noise and the sound of people outside the room.

With the Logitech Swytch, you choose even more convenience for the user, without the hassle of cables.


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This set consists of:

  • Logitech MeetUp video bar with camera, microphones and speakers
  • Mounting bracket and cables
  • With Logitech Swytch Hub
  • Connect and charge everything via a single USB-C cable


  • Article number AVXB-UVLMSW
  • Brand Logitech