Easy Presenter 3-Serie

The all-in one presentation trolley that is very easy to deploy

The design combines high presentation qualities with simplified user features. Suitable for every room.

The Easy Presenter 3-series available in 3 models:

  • Easy Presenter 3055 – 55” LED display
  • Easy Presenter 3055T – 55” touch LED display
  • Easy Presenter 3065 – 65” LED display


  • Barco Clickshare wireless presentation system for wireless sharing of documents via a laptop or other mobile device.
  • Full HD Logitech camera with built-in microphone for videoconferencing.

Indication delivery time  10 business days

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Ease and simplicity form the basis for this smart presentation system. The system is suitable for every medium sized meeting room or hospitality area. The trolley is very stable and easily moved from one room to another. Cables and accessories are neatly hidden.

The central presentation platform provides different inputs for power and devices, such as a laptop. It offers a neat, stylish, appearance and is simple to use. It is so intuitive; everyone can use this system without instructions! The integrated control panel only shows the options that are relevant. Also, the user cannot take the system out of its display mode and makes choosing the different sources extremely easy. As a result, everyone can quickly present and share information. Furthermore, there is no separate remote control, so it can’t get lost.

The central platform also contains a Bose sound system which delivers excellent sound quality. This is important as sound is often part of your presentation or video.


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  • Type of display Energy efficient Samsung LED screen, Full HD 1920x1080
  • Mobile Stable and easy to move trolley
  • Design Stylishly designed presentation platform
  • Power Integrated 230 volt connection with VGA, HDMI and audio connection point
  • Audio Good audio quality thanks to built-in Bose speakers
  • Control User friendly control panel with pre-programmed functions
  • Connectivity HDMI cable, DisplayPort-to-HDMI cable and a VGA with audio cable are included.