Embrava Desk Sign

roombooking for flexible workplaces

Booking system for desks in a flexible workplace environment

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In the modern workplace, we are used to flexible workplaces where we can easily switch from one place to another. But that sometimes makes it difficult to know where someone can be found. The Embrava desk sign helps with that. When you come to the workplace the product can show you who is where by using your Office 365 calendar, an app on your smartphone or via RFID and with integration in Microsoft Teams/Skype for business it even shows you your status.


Thanks to the light on top of the desk sign, you can see what the status of the desk is. Then you know which one you can book and which one you can’t.


  • Artikelnummer
  • Dimensions 80.01 mm, 104.90 mm (B, L)
  • Power 5v via USB-C, POE
  • Connections Bluetooth LE, Ethernet, Wifi
  • Support Office 365, EMS, Intel Unite, Robin, iOffice, Cloudbooking, office maps, rendezvous of Open API