Barco ClickShare button USB-A

Be more flexible in the meeting room

The Clickshare button type USB-A is suitable for the Barco Clickshare Basic Units type CS100 and CSE200. Ideally suited to expand your system.

Be aware: there is also an Button Type USB-C available. This is suitable for the Barco Clickshare Conference units.

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To ensure that your content is presented on the central display, each ClickShare Button is linked to a ClickShare Base Unit. The linking process is quick and simple, so that ClickShare buttons can be used without problems in all meeting rooms and by different participants. Multiple ClickShare buttons can be linked to the ClickShare Base Unit, and – depending on the type of Clickshare – one can share content on the display with up to eight people at the same time.


  • Artikelnummer R9861500D01
  • Brand Barco
  • Model USB-A button
  • Connector USB-A