Velocity Chicago Room

Standardized Meeting Room Solution

Available for different room sizes.
Up to 5 people in a huddle room setting, 55″ display
Up to 9 people, 65″ display
Up to 13 people, 75″display

Clean design and easy installed.

Including installation at a location in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Indication delivery time 6 weeks

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A variety of display size options allows this system to scale from small to medium sized meeting spaces. Simple wired and wireless connectivity options make content sharing effortless, while an advanced IP conference phone (optimized for Skype/Teams & Zoom) provides audio conferencing as well as a room speaker for presentation audio playback. A single USB cable into the conference phone along with a high quality webcam enables BYOD videoconferencing as the room’s entire audio/video infrastructure becomes a USB peripheral a user’s PC and any web conferencing application.

The inbuilt conference phone touchscreen also enhances user experience with simplified one-touch dialing, and display of the meeting room booking calendar. Additional intelligence includes room occupancy sensing to power the system on and greet users as they enter, as well as to provide utilization analytics, while an inbuilt user satisfaction survey measures alignment of the technology tools to user outcome goals. The Conference Phone is supported by a mass deployment and management platform software for initial and ongoing efficiency and manageability.

The display and related hardware is all mounted within a system that minimizes any room infrastructure requirements ensuring the ability to install the solution in almost any room without the cost and delay of construction modifications, while the interchangeable base panel can be easily changed to match room aesthetics or corporate branding.


  • Display size 55”, 65” or 75” display to suit room size
  • Display resolution 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4K
  • Videoconferencing USB based BYOD videoconferencing with fixed view premium webcam
  • Mount Display wall mount and hardware storage system
  • Audio IP conference phone/speaker
  • Control panel Touch screen based user interface with room booking schedule display
  • Floor track Integrated over-floor cable pathway