Cookie Statement

Cookie Statement

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1. General

A. Different types of cookies

  1. AVEX B.V. uses various cookies on its website. A cookie is a small text file that is stored by the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone the first time you visit this website. There are different types of cookies:
    1. Functional cookies are cookies with purely technical functionality. They ensure that the website functions optimally. For example, your preferred settings can be remembered. They also allow us to optimize our website and our services via the website.
    2. Analytical cookies can track your browsing behavior. These cookies exist when analytical service providers, such as Google Analytics, are used. Some analytical cookies are anonymous, while other analytical cookies process personal data.
    3. Tracking cookies: these cookies are set by a third party. With the help of these cookies, personalized advertisements can be shown. These cookies can also track your browsing habits, allowing these parties to build up a very specific profile. This profile can be so detailed that it constitutes personal data.

B. Changing cookie preferences.

  1. Your cookie settings are set by you when you first visit our website. All non-functional cookies can be refused by category. Placement of cookies, other than functional or anonymous analytical cookies, takes place only after consent by active action by you as a visitor. You can change your settings at any time via our website.

C. Basis of data processing.

  1. Functional cookies: the basis for processing functional cookies is the legitimate interest of AVEX B.V.. The "legitimate interest" basis is based on Article 6(1)(f) of the AVG. The interest of AVEX B.V. is based on the need to ensure proper functioning of the website. However, the user's interest in maintaining his or her privacy is not exceeded, since functional cookies do not collect personal data that can be used for marketing or other purposes, for example.
  2. Analytical and tracking cookies: the basis for processing analytical and tracking cookies concerns the consent given to AVEX B.V.. The basis is based on Article 6(1)(a) of the AVG. This article stipulates that the processing of personal data is only permitted if the data subject has given his or her unambiguous consent. The requested consent gives you as a user control over your personal data and provides transparency on how this data is used.

2. Cookie Overview

A. Cookie name, cookie type, cookie purpose and retention period.

  1. The website of AVEX B.V. uses different types of cookies which are listed in the table below.
  2. A total of 22 different cookies are present on The following cookies may be placed on the visitor's hard drive when visiting the AVEX B.V. website:

B. Cookie Table

Name Type(s) Cookies Retention period
Cloudflare Functional __cf_bm End of session
Cloudflare is a platform that improves website performance and security. These cookies identify and track the user, in part to allow a load-balancer and bot manager to work. Also, a cookie is used to determine whether Web traffic is trusted.
Google Tracking __Secure-3PAPISID End of session
Google Tracking __Secure-3PSID End of session
Google Tracking __Secure-APISID End of session
Google Tracking __Secure-HSID End of session
Google Tracking __Secure-SSID End of session
Google Tracking 1P_JAR End of session
Google Tracking APISID End of session
Google Tracking HSID End of session
Google Tracking NID End of session
Google Tracking SAPISID End of session
Google Tracking SID End of session
These cookies are set by Google. They are used for analytical purposes and to collect data about the use of Google services. These insights enable both Google and the website owner to improve the service and website. Google also uses the collected data for personalized advertising purposes. The interactions and preferences are stored per visitor. This data processing takes place in the United States of America.
Google Analytics Analytical _ga 2 years
Google Analytics Analytical _ga_DB7N6JSQQ5 2 years
These cookies are placed by Google Analytics. These cookies allow us to get a better picture of visitor behavior on the website. This is then used to improve the user experience on the website. This processing takes place in the United States of America.
Mailchimp Functional, Analytical, Tracking mailchimp_landing_site 1 month
These cookies are used to distinguish between humans and bots. This is beneficial for the website to post accurate reports on website usage. Tracking TawkConnectionTime End of session Tracking twk_idm_key End of session
These cookies are set by and is used in conjunction with the live chat. This cookie keeps track of what page the user is on so that the user can be reactively addressed via the live chat.
WooCommerce Functional wp_woocommerce_session_2e11814cb74f8c7d0e982f59a40f7b0c 2 days
These cookies are used by WordPress plugin WooCommerce. These cookies are used to remember which products have been added to the shopping cart by the visitor. 
YouTube Tracking CONSENT 2 years
YouTube Tracking VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE 6 months
YouTube Tracking VISITOR_PRIVACY_METADATA 6 months
YouTube Tracking YSC End of session
These are cookies set by YouTube to analyze visitor behavior. A YouTube video is placed on the site and when the user views it, information is released.

3. Google Analytics

A. Google

  1. Through our website, cookies are placed by Google Analytics. We use this service to examine how you, as a visitor, use our website and Google produces insightful reports about this for us.
  2. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so, or to the extent that third parties process the information on Google's behalf. AVEX B.V. has no influence on this.
  3. You can read here how Google uses your personal data and for what purposes.

B. Privacy Settings

  1. Through this cookie statement we inform you about the use of Google Analytics.
  2. AVEX B.V. has entered into a processing agreement with Google;
  3. Google Signals is used. This feature gives us more insight into the behavior of our visitors on different devices;
  4. Collected data is linked to other Google services;
  5. Your IP address is anonymized so your location is not traceable.

4. Third-party websites and changes

  1. This cookie statement does not apply to third party websites that are connected to our website through links. It is not possible for AVEX B.V. to guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal data reliably and securely.
  2. Always consult the privacy statements of these websites before using these websites.
  3. This cookie statement is subject to change. If modified, you will be asked again for your agreement to the placement of the modified cookies. The current version of this cookie statement is 20240616.

5. Viewing, modifying or deleting data

A. Your Rights

  1. You have the right to:
    1. view your personal data;
    2. submit a request for correction of data;
    3. make a request for less data to be processed by us;
    4. request deletion of your data;
    5. Have your information transferred to someone else and,
    6. file a complaint as further described in Article 6.
  2. If you have any questions or comments about AVEX B.V.'s data processing, please send a request to
  3. AVEX B.V. wants to make sure that the request for inspection is made by you. That is why we kindly ask you to send a copy of your proof of identity along with your request for inspection, correction or removal. To protect your privacy, AVEX B.V. requests that you black out your passport photo, MRZ (machine readable zone, the strip of numbers at the bottom of the passport), passport number and Citizen Service Number (BSN) in this copy.
  4. AVEX B.V. will respond to your request as soon as possible, but in any case within four weeks.

6. Right to complain

A. Internal treatment

  1. If you have complaints about the way (personal) data is processed, AVEX B.V. will be pleased to help you resolve them by mutual agreement. In the first instance, please address your complaint to

B. Personal Data Authority

  1. Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Authority about our processing of your personal data. You can contact the Personal Data Authority for this purpose. More information about your right to complain can be found on the website at: