Catchbox Plus

microphone for audience interaction

Wireless microphone with receiver in cube shape that you can throw into the audience for interaction.

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A soft, throwable microphone that can be used for small meetings or large conferences.

Wireless charging

No more problems with "is the microphone charged". After a meeting or conference, you just put the catchbox on the charging pad and it's off.

2 microphone channels

With the Catchbox plus you can connect 2 microphones to 1 receiver. With 2x microphones 2x as much fun.

Speaker microphones

With the Catchbox Plus, you have the option of buying wireless microphones that you can easily hang around your neck for a speaker. Good and easy to use.

Total package

Catchbox includes a wireless transceiver and a receiver so you can easily connect it to a mixer for large events. Or with USB for a smaller setup.

* Wireless charger not included


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  • Brand Catchbox
  • Range 100m